What is Hypnotherapy good for?

The basic answer to this is, if your mind controls it, hypnotherapy is good for it!

The idea of hypnotherapy is that it puts you back in the driving seat, giving the correct instructions to the subconscious mind, to use as a route map for future behaviour.

So although it can’t make changes to what I going on outside of you, i.e. the comparative cost of a bar of chocolate relevant to the price of a healthy snack, it can help reinforce the decision, to eat healthily for example, even when cost is added into the mental equation as an excuse for bad behaviour.

So hypnotherapy can work for any fear or phobia, it can be used to gain control over things like, temper, anxiety, embarrassment, pain, and confidence. Hypnotherapy can help you concentrate better, eat better, sleep better, observe more, and remember better.

Sportsmen and women across the world now use hypnotic techniques to enhance their performance. There have been dentists who use hypnosis rather than pain killing injections for their clients. Hypno-birthing has become very popular in recent years, cutting dramatically the number of women choosing pain relief in childbirth.

Most people have come across Hypnotherapy for weight loss, and giving up smoking. Some will have had hypnotherapy for fear of heights, spiders, injections, doctors, etc., the list is endless. In fact it is easier to state what Hypnotherapy isn’t good for!

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