The Abuse Survivors Guide

Stronger. Braver. Wiser. Workshops and Talk, were created as a direct result of my personal story of surviving abuse, sexual, mental and physical, through childhood, the teen years, and into adult hood. Looking at the relationships around me, and the patterns both positive and negative created by my experiences, I realised that I had survived to become a better, kinder, more determined person than perhaps I would have become in easier circumstances.

As a therapist I have a responsibility not just to my clients, but to myself, and am on a continual journey of self understanding, and self development, and it was during this process that I realised, that there was value to be found in my experiences, and that if I can overcome the obstacles thus far in my life, I can overcome pretty much anything.

I realised that I am actually much stronger than I look, I'm braver than I think I am, and far wiser than I realise. (We all are!)

It was this realisation that pushed me to take my story,and potential, to influence a whole host of people around me to grow into the very best version of themselves too. So I created Stronger. Braver. and Wiser. Giving in the individual workshops the tools to others that I have used myself to great effect over the years.

I have been delighted to talk about my journey, and the workshops at the Evolve Network in Maidstone, at the Wellness Festival in the Kent County Showground, and in both Stortes Hall, University Accommodation in Huddersfield, and in South East London College, in Bromley.

In 2020 and beyond I hope to take the talk to other events, to build a series of online lessons, and to create stronger associations with victim support, and abuse survivors groups worldwide.

If you are suffering with the stress, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem etc., caused by abuse, Stronger. Braver. Wiser. was created for you. Watch this space, and follow my Facebook page for regular hints and tips.

I am very proud to be nominated for the Innovation Award in the KWIB Awards 2020, and to be a finalist in that category.

My dearest wish is that I can help others who are struggling to overcome their inner fears, and turn their experiences into rocket fuel for their successes too.

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