If you could change just one thing?

Most people think that hypnotherapy is only good for losing weight or giving up smoking.

Although it is true, that hypnotherapy is very effective at helping support your conscious decisions, to eat less chocolate, exercise more, give up smoking, or swap some of the alcoholic drinks at the weekend for soft drinks, hypnotherapy can be useful for so much more.

How often have you thought “I’m just being stupid”, when the panic reaction floods through you, but you just seem rooted to the spot and unable to carry on, unlike everyone else around you. You know that your thoughts are irrational, your reaction to the spider, the escalator, the lift doors closing, or the person sliding into the bus seat next to you, seems illogical, and you know that it is “just mind over matter”, but you somehow can’t seem to make a different decision, the fear, the habit overrules all judgement.

The thing is your mind is such a powerful tool, it controls your every thought, your every reaction, and they are all automatic. Just as you don’t have to consciously think about breathing in and out, or about the muscles required to make your mouth lift into a smile, our subconscious minds do all the techy stuff for us. The downside of this is habits. When we react a certain way, and it solves the problem, our subconscious stores this as the way to behave, so next time we are facing the same situation, we don’t think, we just do… and repeat the previous action, which the subconscious has recorded as a success, because we lived to tell the tale. The more often the pattern is repeated, the easier it becomes to be accepted as “normal” behaviour.

So imagine, you are someone who reacts badly to spiders, they creep you out. Realistically, you understand all the stuff like, you are way bigger than the spider, it’s more scared of you, you are a bigger threat to it than it is to you. You have probably never been bitten or hurt in any way because of a spider, but your instinct when you see one, is to run away, flapping arms, and begging someone else to get rid of it. It’s what you have always done, in fact you may find, it’s actually what others around you have always done too. So your subconscious has this written down as another SUCCESSFUL encounter with threat, (your subconscious is reacting to your stress signals, it doesn’t know if you are being attacked by a sabre tooth tiger or a money spider, it just knows you are in full panic and it needs to save you) it triggered the flight behaviour, so you save yourself and live another day.

Hypnotherapy has the solution, with this and all habitually held behaviours, in that it can create an alternate behaviour pattern, and lodge that in the subconscious mind. So next time we are triggered, the subconscious comes to an interesting “Oh, I did this last time, and it worked” record, which doesn’t involve the panic, the fear, the nerves or anxiety of previous reactions. Acting on this new pattern of behaviour, reinforces it, as the new way to behave, and Ta Dah! No longer afraid of spiders.

Obviously I’m using fear of spiders here as an example, because this literally applies to all learned, habitual behaviours, lack of confidence, and self esteem, insomnia, temper, self sabotage, procrastination and avoidance, fear of public speaking or being in the spotlight, as well as habits, addictions, fears and phobias, the list is endless.

Some will say that you don’t need hypnotherapy to solve these issues, that you just need will power, determination, and to step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and deal with it, and they are also right. You can break any programming through determination and repetition, but, hypnotherapy in itself creates the illusion of having broken the pattern already, of having repeatedly already tried, tested and succeeded with a new behaviour, before you actually put it into action, thus reducing your stress levels, and improving the probability of success. Basically it’s like a cheat sheet to get results quicker, and easier.

So what is the one thing, that you really could live without? Do you put yourself down, talk yourself out of situations and opportunities? Do you blush, stammer, and get flustered? Do you react first and regret afterwards? Do you just wish that you found that one thing as easy to handle as everyone else seems to? Do you make a spectacle of yourself because of a fear? Is there a habit that you know is genuinely making you unhappy, but you struggle to break it?

Hypnotherapy can help, making it easier for you to make the changes, you want to make, and helping you stick with them. Harnessing the power of your mind, to work for you, not against you.

Your mind, has the key, to set you free!

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