Habit Swapping, when giving up doesn't work!

How many people do you know who have quit one habit, only to swap it for another? Giving up smoking to become addicted to vaping, or even worse, eating!

I hear many people say they have an addictive personality? Leaving them scared that that their sugar addiction, cigarette craving, or nail biting could one day escalate into a sex or drug addiction?

Actually as we grow up we go through phases of focus on feelings, emotions, and pleasures relating to our experiences at that time. Sometimes we grow through the phase, and move on to the next one, and sometimes, we get stuck, and find a whole host of habits forming which support that focus.

The most common stage I see as a hypnotist being a focus which we have not fully released and moved on from,

is Oral focus.

Those people with an oral focus compensate for feelings of stress or anxiety by putting things into their mouth, this can be in the form of smoking, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, hair sucking, chewing etc. So when they decide that they want to quit one of these habits, they just automatically swap to another oral habit.

Many smokers, were thumb suckers, nail biters, pencil chewers before, and after giving up smoking, find themselves vaping, eating, or chewing to compensate.

A good hypnotherapist hired to help someone to give up an oral habit, like smoking or over eating, will realise the importance of the whole oral addiction being addressed, either by regression to find the instant of needing the comfort orally, or by introducing a positive oral habit, like drinking more water to replace it.

My approach to most addictions is to try to hit it as hard as possible in just two sessions, so I tend to instigate the replacement of one negative oral habit, for a new positive oral habit, and I find that in the majority of instances this is very effective.

On the rare occasion that the habit isn’t broken within the two session with the suggestive approach, then I will suggest to the client, that using regression to go back to the first incident of the oral addiction, not the first cigarette, but the first need to put something into ones mouth for comfort, will be the key to unlocking this and all future possible oral habits. However, this approach can be time consuming, as the first incident found in immediate subconscious memory, is rarely the very first incident of behaviour.

So the key to breaking a habit, with or without hypnosis, is understanding the addiction, and ensuring that you don’t just swap out one bad habit for another one.

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