Hypnotherapy is the most natural way to access your subconscious mind, where habits are formed and held.  With Hypnosis you can re write your inner programming, and achieve amazing results.

Hypnotherapy can help with:-

Alcohol Addiction

Anger Management


Fears & Phobias

Improve Memory


Nail Biting

Pain Management

Public Speaking

Self Confidence


Smoking or Vaping Cessation

Weight Loss

and many other issues.

Package Price  £240

Two Sessions plus personalised Hypnotic Recording,and follow up call or Skype.

Hypnotherapy is available in your own home, in Kent, on request, at no extra charge. 


Your mind has the key to set you free!

Our resident Hypnotherapist, Keara Hanson, is a member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association.

All sessions are completely confidential.

Individual hypnosis recordings are created for each client, and provided for the clients personal use at home.

Hypnotherapy in Medway, Chatham, Kent.