Teaching & Workshops

Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Master

Learning to use Reiki gives you that ability to channel healing energy to heal yourself, your friends and family at level 1.  Work as a professionals Reiki healer at Level 2, and to send distant healing to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

At Master Level you will then be able to attune others to the Reiki Healing System.

All levels are certificated and Master Level comes with your Reiki Lineage.

Tarot Finding Your Own Path.

Learning to read the Tarot with Keara.  Finding your own path is a one day workshops, introducing the tarot cards, their meanings, and a useful variety of traditional spreads.  Designed to help you improve your tarot skills.

Regression Past Life Workshop

A group event where you will be regressed through hypnosis with Keara.  You will have the opportunity to take notes or record your impressions from each regression.  We aim for all on the workshop to be regressed twice during the day.

Stronger, Braver, Wiser Workshops.

Stronger - Overcoming Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, with practical, physical and spiritual practices.  Proving that you are stronger than you look.

Braver - Creating a new Warrior you, stepping up, out of your comfort zone and into your successful motivated, determined self.  Proving that you are braver than you think.

Wiser - Linking to your inner self and your higher self, using Gestalt, Hypnotic and Spiritual methods to find your highest, wisest voice.  Proving that you are wiser than you know.