Holistic Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt means "An organised whole, which is defined as more than the sum of its parts".

Gestalt Therapy is a talking therapy which takes into account the whole being in the situation.

Gestalt teaches us to be more observant of ourselves, in the now, and leads to a greater awareness of ourselves, our thought patterns, our feelings, and the reason for those feelings.  We become aware of how our thought patterns, habits, posture, even our breathing affects us.

Gestalt does not value rumination, or examination of the past, but instead looks to assess and change the patterns that have built up, to create positive change.

Gestalt teaches self awareness, and self reliance.  A belief in our ability to manage our feelings, thoughts and environment. Prompting lasting change.


Awareness in the NOW with Holistic Gestalt Therapy

Holistic Gestalt Therapy is available on a one to one basis. £30 per session.

All sessions are 100% confidential.

Holistic Gestalt Therapy - Helping you, to find yourself, understand through observation, your own individual thought patterns and beliefs, and to create new positive patterns, empowering you to make lasting and maintainable change.

Holistic Gestalt Group Sessions are available for organisations in Kent.