Medway Healing and Hypnotherapy
50 Castle Road, Chatham, Kent.

Healing Room and Hypnotherapy Suite.

In this modern age, it is easy to feel like the,underdog.  We help people rediscover their confidence again.

Our unique two session approach can eliminate your most urgent anxiety in just two hours.

Whatever is holding you back from being your best you, we can help you resolve it.

Our resident Therapist, Keara Hanson is a member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association,as well as being an Usui Reiki Master and qualified Gestalt Therapist,

We can help you find your balance, and restore your calm

GDPR Compliant

Medway Healing & Hypnotherapy, keeps no electronic records of your personal details, and does not share information with any other agencies.  Any information, such as contact details , email addresses, are kept on paper format within a locked filing cabinet.  You have the right to request that this information is destroyed at any time, failure to request this, will result in the information being automatically destroyed within one year of your using our services.

Keara Hanson DHP.Acc.Hyp

Hypnotherapist, Gestalt Therapist & Usui Reiki Master

Passionate about helping people to achieve their very best, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Keara believes firmly that if you set yourself a goal and truly believe in yourself you can achieve anything. 

Reiki helps us to heal ourselves, heal others and heal the world.  Hypnotherapy helps us understand and overcome our fears, phobias and attitudes, to become the very best we can be.

Gestalt helps us achieve our best with awareness of ourselves in the NOW.